Saturday, April 14, 2012

To God be the Glory- pt 2

In the last 24 hours, God has blown our minds!!  Would you believe that through the generous hearts of others, God gave Emma $1043.32 and a 2 cent euro :)  in ONE day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We saw such generous hearts and precious little ones who emptied their piggy banks (hence the euro) so "Emma could go to the airport and buy her ticket!" as one little one put it. 

I am humbled that we almost didn't have her go because of a lack of faith.  I am humbled that He is so gracious and humbled by so many who have taken part in our journey.  To God be the Glory.

Emma is beyond excited and has learned an amazing lesson (as has our whole fam).  She's taking over to type a message:

Thank you for showing me that if He wants you to do something or be somewhere, He will provide everything to get you there. I'm getting my nail kit ready to take to the girls in the orphanage! :)

We are still raising the last of our costs- which is the travel expense for Chad, myself, Kadre and Attah (Ethan and Em are ALL set!!), so see our last blog post for some ways to help!


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  1. Yay God!!! So excited for you Emma and I know you will SO bless those little girls with your sweet smile and soft heart!!! We can't wait to see pics and meet your new brothers!!!