Friday, April 13, 2012

to God be the Glory---join in the fun!

About a month and a half ago, as I would be praying about our trip, I kept feeling this sense that Emma should go with us.  Long ago, we had decided to take one child and as Ethan is the only boy and it seemed to make sense to take him.  He had already raised his money, so that was all set. 

I approached Chad about the idea and to my surprise, he thought it was a good idea.  I figured he'd suggest that we should just keep it as is because really it was kind of a crazy idea.  We prayed some more and decided this was the right thing to do. 

One morning as I was thinking through the craziness of this- the cost (we are still trying to raise a bit left of our own costs for the adoption), the shots, visa, passport, getting permission to miss school... it just seemed like the wrong idea. 

So I asked God, "How in the world is this going to come together so fast? And why now, Lord?  Why didn't you give us this sense earlier when we had a lot more time?"  I sat there listening and as clear as day, these words were pressed upon my heart:

"So that I may be glorified." 

Wow.  How was I to argue with that??  It was humbling to be reminded that He would use us, use the story of our lives to bring Him glory.  So with that, it was settled and off we went!

In one week of sharing that Emma was going she had $1000 from generous people.  ONE THOUSAND dollars??

To God be the Glory!

One night we were sitting rolling coins for her and Ethan asked what would happen if she didn't get all of her money.  Would she still be able to go? 

Okay, so you know those moments as a parent when your kids shock you with their maturity and faith beyond yours?  Yeah. this was one of those. 

I looked at Emma and before I could think of what to say, she said, "Eth, if God told Dad and Mom that I was supposed to go, then He'll provide all the money."  Yep. Exactly.  That is JUST what I was going to say. ha!  Well, that put me of little faith in my place!

To God be the Glory!

Emma wants to paint the nails of the orphan girls when she goes, so a friend gave us an idea to do the same here and do it as a fundraiser!  She painted 100 nails and raised almost $400 that day!

And we continue to get emails of how people can donate (many of you waiting for THIS post!)  Emma has also received donations from people we don't even know because of others that have shared our story!

To God be the Glory!

So here's a couple fun ways to jump in if you would like to be part of this story.  We are so VERY VERY grateful for the generosity of so many!  Emma has $1600 and needs to raise about $800 more.
She will be doing another mini nail salon this week, but also has a couple other opportunities for you to join in.

A few gracious women at our church have offered to make these adorable little "cuddly" dolls.  You can sponsor one (or more!) for a suggested donation of $10.  The money will go towards Emma's trip, and the dolls will go with us to give to children in Ghana!  And if you like to knit and can help out in that way, let me know and I can connect you with person who has the pattern for them.

Help us fill the suitcase with them! (click on the pic below if you want to see it larger)

We have 50  43  30 dolls that are available to sponsor! Be sure to tell us in the notes section of check out how many dolls you want to sponsor.  You can send your doll to Ghana by donating via the button below:
($10 suggested donation per doll)

Another way you can join in is to buy a t-shirt!  We designed these t-shirts to help with the rest of our costs.  It also shows our appreciation for the many who have helped to bring our boys home because it really does take a village.  We will cover Emma's trip first, then any other funds will go towards our travel.

They come in unisex (charcoal color).   All will have a light blue lettering and design.

***Adult sizes run pretty true to size. I wear a small and bought a small unisex.  Chad fits a unisex medium. For the ms. sizes- they are more fitted.  I fit a small, but prefer a bit bigger, so I will order a medium.   Please check the youth measurements.***  t-shirts will be ready in about 3 weeks from order date.  WE WILL PLACE THE FIRST ORDER ON TUESDAY, APRIL 17.

adult shirts:

colors and sizes

youth sizes:

 I'm also working on some prints to sell to help with our remaining costs.  You can find those at
Below are just a sample of what you'll find...

If you just want to donate in any amount, you scroll to the bottom and click on the donate button:
Thank you for joining us!! 

To God be the Glory!!


  1. Whoa. I had no idea she was raising quadruple digits!! Praise God. :) Glad to see your recent posts...keep em coming!

    PS- I'm your 20th follower!

  2. love it all!! thanks for giving us the opportunity to be part of this!!