Friday, April 27, 2012

Send a child in Ghana some love!

Our little dolls are quickly filling the suitcase with your generous donations!  We have 22 that still need to join in the trip to get to their new homes!  The money goes towards our adoption costs and the dolls go with us for orphans in Ghana! (a HUGE thank you to the sweet ladies who are so lovingly making these!)

You can sponsor a doll by using the button below.  Suggested $10 donation. Be sure to tell us in the notes section at check out how many dolls your donation covers!  Thank you!!
***UPDATE: all dolls have been sponsored! thank you!!!
You can also send us a check if you don't want to do Paypal- just let us know! (

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  1. any new updates? or pics?
    would love to hear your story as it continues to unfold. You always cause me to stop and take notice. Thanks for sharing your journey