Thursday, April 28, 2011

meet kadiri!

I'd love to introduce you to our son...

The first information we received on him was that he was healthy, 10 years old, and was doing well in school.  After deciding to pursue him, the agency sent us this info:

His best subjects are "Science" and "English Language"
At the last terminal examination held in December 2009, he placed as 4TH. in a class of 26 students.  He does not know what professional he wants to be in future but he wants to study some aspect of science.

He is very healthy and athletic.  He is a strong and enthusiastic soccer player on the soccer team at the orphanage.
He is also a dedicated Christian who never misses going to church on Sundays.   He loves to sing and worship the Creator.
He is a handsome young man who respects himself and all others.  He gets reciprocal respect from everyone.
He has a promising and satisfactory academic performance.
Mary (the director) states further that he is very supportive of the adoption of Kadiri and would highly recommend him to any family that is interested in adopting him.

I already had a bond with him, but after reading this, God began to knit Chad's heart with his.   You see, Chad is a Chemist!  Also at the time of this info, he was coaching our son's soccer team!  Ethan loves soccer and has played since he was little.  English is his other favorite subject?  That just made me smile.  Don't you love how God works?  His heart is for the orphan. He is placing Kadiri in a family who will naturally be able to encourage his dreams!  Our God delights in the details!

I love that Kadiri already has knowledge of our Saviour and loves to sing to him.  I think of the precious children from his orphanage in church every week, singing out their hearts to our Lord.  Can you picture it?  Precious.

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