Saturday, April 23, 2011

It all began with a little boy (part 1)

"Mommy, I want a brovah." (brother) Our 3 year old, Ethan, told me after his second sister was born. We laughed about it and told him, maybe someday!

When he was 6, I was pregnant again, and he said he was going to pray for a brother. We had a discussion about the fact that God had already chosen what was best for us, and that might be another sister. He didn't seem too enthused with that answer. Months went by, and sure enough, it was another sister. :)

After Elliana was born, we felt our family was complete, but Ethan was not convinced!

"Mommy, can I pray for a brother?"
"Well, umm, we're not planning on having any more children, Eth."
"Okay, but can I still pray for one?" (how do you answer that??)

Three years later the prayers of a little boy were beginning to be answered... (next: the number one question)

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